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Training Guidelines Development

Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology has been recognized as a specialty in professional psychology since 1998, signifying this as a defined area of psychological practice that requires advanced knowledge and skills acquired through an organized sequence of education and training. Despite this recognition, current training guidelines, and specifically those approved by a training council, for development of the unique advanced knowledge and skills required for this specialty are lacking. Training guidelines for the Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology specialty recognize that specialized training is needed to attain competency to render services to children and adolescents and conduct other professional activities within the specialty (e.g., teaching, research). Training guidelines protect consumers and the public by ensuring that providers of psychological services for children, adolescents, and their families are adequately prepared, which subsequently improving the quality of services. Training guidelines assist trainers at all levels of the training sequence (doctoral programs, internships, postdoctoral fellowships) to provide competent specialty education and training through structures and common content endorsed by the professional community. Training guidelines in this recognized specialty provide guidance to legal, ethical, and credentialing organizations (including those overseeing accreditation, licensure, board certification, hospital and clinic privileges, and reimbursement for services).  Finally, training guidelines help prospective trainees in selecting training programs to become specialized clinicians and scientists in the specialty.

Therefore, CCaPPTC, in partnership with the Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology (APA Division 53), the Society of Pediatric Psychology (APA Division 54), and the American Board of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology (ABCCAP), is spearheading development of training guidelines for the Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology specialty (inclusive of pediatric psychology). In Spring 2021, the Steering Committee for the Development of Training Guidelines in Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology was formed through a public call for members and through appointment of representatives from the constituent organizations (i.e., APA Division 53, APA Division 54, ABCCAP, CCaPPTC). The Steering Committee established a process for development of training guidelines, which was approved by the Boards of APA Division 53, APA Division 54, ABCCAP, and CCaPPTC in Fall 2022. The Training Guidelines Development Task Force has since been formed and has begun meeting to answer critical questions regarding the scope of the training guidelines and their structure. The current goal for an initial draft of guidelines is Summer 2023. Following this initial draft, iterations of feedback will be obtained with a goal for a finalized product by Spring 2024. There will be opportunities for public comment on the training guidelines during their development and such opportunities will be advertised through professional listservs and on the CCaPPTC website.

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