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2022-2023 APPIC Postdoctoral Selection Standards and Common Hold Date (CHD) Surveys

The Clinical Child & Pediatric Psychology Training Council (CCaPPTC) is now launching this year's postdoctoral selection surveys.  We invite postdoctoral training directors, internship training directors, and recent postdoctoral applicants in clinical child and pediatric psychology to share your perceptions and experiences using the relevant link below to an anonymous survey form. Those who are Training Director of both an internship program and fellowship program are encouraged to respond to both surveys, as each will gather information that is specific to those roles. 


Postdoc Training Director Survey

Internship Training Director Survey

Recent Postdoc Applicants

Please note that these surveys differ from the recent APPIC surveys and are not duplicative; the data will be both independently valuable and complimentary to the APPIC survey data. The CCaPPTC Board continues to be closely engaged with the APPIC Postdoctoral Committee about the postdoctoral selection process, and your feedback will be highly valuable to this partnership.  Results will inform our examination of this year's APPIC Postdoctoral Selection Standards and Common Hold Date and our discussion of potential ways to improve the postdoctoral selection process in our specialty.  

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